Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Below is the process i went through, using the techniques i had learned in the videos i had researched. I used some of my own techniques, as well as them that i had discovered. I am very happy with the way this process went, and how it allowed mt to easily move my characters features if need be. I used a simple length of wire, and twisted it into a torso, and branched limbs out from there. this allowed me to then have a scaled wire frame of my character, and then allowed my to easily apply the plasticine to my wireframe model. From there on, i was able to bulk out my model into the shape that i wanted, and the shape that suited what i wanted to achieve for each of ym characters. Once happy with the shape, i used oil on my model, to smooth out the surface, and then started to apply raised plasticine to give the illusion of clothing and facial features.

As can be seen below, i also experimented with tin foil to bulk out my characters, and then apply clay around this. This gives the model a very light feel, due to its aluminium interior, however it restricts the movement allowed within the model. This technique can be used for very ulky characters, for example Cornelius, my gorilla character, who only really requires to move his limbs and neck.
The 3 lowest images represent how the wire frame allows the charactes limbs to move.

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