Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Modelling/rigging clay RESEARCH

Before making my final characters, ive decided to look into some ways to rig clay/plasticine models ready for animating in claymation. This is important to look at, most plasticine holds its shape when modelled, however if i was to move on to a animating stage, it may be under heat from intense lights, and cause the plasticine to melt, and distort. Having a metal or wooden rig in the clay model, not only allows me to move and transform my model more easily into the shape i want it, but also helps it keep tis rigid shape.

Wire Frame Rigging Video

This video has helped me in the rigging process of my character. Using this wire frame technique has allowed me to easily move my model into positions that i need to place my character in.

Applying clay to armature

Sculpting in detail

The above videos were very helpful in helping me in the way i produced my own clay models. However i ran into another problem which i needed help with. I needed to next research how to smooth out my plasticine so that it had a professional looking finishing touch. I looked on the internet and found many differnt people quoting many different methods of how to do so. However, i found one that worked particularly well. With plasticine being oil based, i couldnt use water like is possible with clay. However i found that using oil, in particular vegetable oil, which was handy and i found around the house to work very well. I used it to smooth over rough areas of my clay models and then wiped off the excess oil so that it didnt give the plasticine a shiny surface, only a smooth one.

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