Friday, 23 October 2009

Modelling Stage

Modelling progress of my Character designs
Body Shape
I wanted to fistly start of making armatures of the body shapes of my characters. The images below are a selection of images i took whilst in the process of roughing-out the body shape of each of my characters in clay. This was definitly the best way to start modelling, as it gave me the rough body shape, which i could easily manipulate to get a more sharp shape, closer to what my actual final model will look like. The armatures for the young boy and girl characters are similar because they have generally the same body shape, apart from the boy being slightly shorter, and having slightly wider hips, which you would generally find in a female character.

Below are the final deisgns for the heads of my characters, i decided to do these separately from my body armatures, as i thought the head was one of the most important features of my character, in showing emotion and feeling if i was going to animate them. I am fairly pleased with each of my head models, with exception to the model of the young boy. I will decide later whether i am going to adjust this model to look better, i think they eyes look a little wrong.

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