Friday, 23 October 2009

Character Design- Clothing

Looking at clothing of my characters is the next important stage, i need to look at how my characters are going to be dressed, as there are going to be different types of clothing for the different characters. The young boy is going to have a different type of clothing to his grandma for obvious reasons.

I started out doing some initial research on clothing, and i thought the most obvious places to look for character clothing, would be to look at real life clothing for those similar to my characters. My research took me to places such as GAP Kids website, Marks & Spencer's website and also specialist kilt and jacket maker websites for scottish clothing particularly for groundskeeper clothing. I started to get brightly coloured T-Shirts and bottoms for the kids, and looked at different types of clothing which would be suitable for replicating in clay, this was important to consider, as not all clothing would easily be able to be replicated in clay, and i wanted to make sure my clay models looked as close to my designs as possible, but still have some life-like features in the way that they are dressed. This was a balancing task.

Below are the final clothing ideas i am going to be basing my characters clothing upon. Obviously the clothing is not going to be exactly the same once replicated in clay, as textures and colour will be very hard to produce, due to the fact that plasticine will be very hard to colour, as well as finding textures may be hard.

I have payed close attention to the colours i have chosen for the clothing, using my colour chart, also in my blog i have been able to come up with a colour palette for each of the characters i am designing, and around that i have chosen colours for their clothing. I went for very bright colours for the young boy, more neutral colours for the young girl, and tried aiming for more dull colours for the older lady, which also i think will reflect her personality, and age. I have also chosen to go for a traditional Kilt and Jackaet for the scottish groundskeeper, although not suitable for his line of work, the brief mentions how patriotic he is even whilst he is at work, and i thought making him wear traditional scottish clothing would emphasis this.

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