Friday, 23 October 2009

Character Design- Body Shape

Body Shape

Looking at the body shape was the next stage of the character design process. I started to look at how the body shape could influence the perception of the character, for example looking at whether i want my Janitor character a fat/thin/tall/small man and what effects that would have on the way that we see his persona within the character design.

These are the final designs for the body shape of my characters. I went through many ideas on what body shapes i wanted for my characters, which can be seen more extensively in my sketchbook. I decided upon these bodyshapes however after much consideration. After looking at the brief i had a general idea of what i wanted my characters to look like in terms of how tall/small, fat/thin they are. I visualised the gorilla as a typically brute, and lean gorilla who because is a gorilla full of pride and respect, should have a strong stature to excert his dominance among the other animals, therefore i gave him a very stong stance and a big presence. The young boy and girl, i wanted to make very similar, as they are siblings, they would be similar as it is, however, with the girl slightly older than the boy, i thought i would demonstrate this with her being slightly taller than her brother. I also thought about their body shape, and decided that it would be fairly similar, in terms of both of them slim characters, who because of thier age are still growing, and compared to my adult groundskeeper character are small. Moving on to my grandma character, i experimented a lot with the shape. I wanted to make her look frail, so i gave her a hunch-back and a stance which looked as if she was old, i also wanted to make her a very small character, just to emphasise that she is an old woman, and has shrunken in her old age. I wanted to make her slightly smaller, if not the same size as the two children characters to emphasis this. The groundskeeper character i chose was influenced somewhat by the groundskeeper Willie character from The Simpsons. I wanted to make sure he was seen as a strong and manly character, by his broad shoulders but small waiste, which would also emphasise his costume choice in the Kilt he is going to be wearing.

Final Body Shapes

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