Friday, 23 October 2009

Character Design- Colour

Looking at colour is important. Different colours represent different moods, personalities and therefore would be very useful in portraying my characters in the best possible way.

Using Adobe Kolor, i come up with this colour chart to use as a selection for my character pallette, suitable for the colours i am going to use on each of my characters. I searched several different terms to try to get the best range of colours most suitable to each of my characters. Firstly i searched 'Hyperactive', for the young kid character,'Scottish' for my groundskeeper, as i thought that was the most important feature of his character, however i also searched 'Janitor' to get a more varied range of colours, i thought this was important to do, as i wanted to show a more broad persona, rather than just his scottishness. I also searched 'Grumpy granny' and some colours came up, however i didnt feel these were suitable for my character, so i decided to use my own colour pallete for this character. I also searched 'Gorilla' and 'Serenity' for the gorilla and calmer young girl respectivly. I wanted to use classic colours you would see on a silverback gorilla, and colours of calmness and colours which are neutral for the young girl, to emphasis her calmer personality compared to her younger brother.

I decided from here that i needed to think about application of colour onto my characters. However whilst researching i came into a huge problem, that if i was to do this project again, i would think about well in advance of getting to this stage, before finding out that there is a problem. The problem was that i could not paint onto the plasticine. With the plasticine being oil based, there is no practical way to paint the plasticine, without it cracking or smudging when i move around the character during animation. I had a thought to use acrylic paint and apply a layer so thick that it would form a thin plastic layer around my character, however when tested this just looked messy, and was very impractical in the time that it took to dry. Also, i found that with this method the paint tended to crack in the areas with the most flexibilty, for example under the arms. I i was to redo the project, i would definitly consider using different colour plasticines for each of the differnet parts of my character, however for this project, it would have proved very expensive, and impractical. Also the colour of plasticine generally comes in primary colours, which do not look very natural when trying to create a more realistic looking character with plasticine. This would have meant either buying specialised clay, or mixing the clay colours which would have looked messy, and would have been very time consuming.

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