Friday, 23 October 2009

Character Design- Facial Design

Initial Facial Ideas See Sketchbook for more extensive facial designs and ideas.

Here are a selection of sketches that i came up with for my characters, there are more in my sketchbook, although i decided to only post some of the more developped ideas on my blog. I come up with these ideas purely frion influences i got whilst doing my research. However being self critical, i felt that not all of the designs were up to standard, and they needed somewhat refining before i got to my final sketches stage, where i had an exact idea of what i wanted my character faces to look like. I ran into a couple of problems when in this stage of development. Firstly i designed a few of the grandma's sketches without remembering to second check my brief, and i realised that in the brief it stated that she needed to be wearing a hat, being that she was scared of Cornelius stealing her hat. This was an obvious mistake that could have been avoided if i had payed more attention to the brief in the first place. I realise that this could have been a very critical mistake if i hadnt double checked the brief till the very end, as i could have persued one of my ideas with the grandma without the hat which would have been a very costly mistake if in the industry and i had spent precious time and money on a wasted development. On the other hand, i don't feel that all of my designs above have been wasted time, as i said they just need a little more refining before the finishing stage. The design of Willie Billiams is close to completion, as i like the 'cheeky' smile that he has in the design above, which i feel really exaggerates his personality as a hyperactive and excitable kid. I also like the facial expression on the old grandma character, it looks as if she is pulling a very bitter and sour character which sums up her character in the brief set out in the beginning. The groundskeeper charater is also very close to completion in my opinion, as i feel this character is also summed up in his facial pose, and looks very irritable and annoyed.

Final H
ead Sketches

The above sketches are the finished ideas for facial design for each of the 5 characters i am designing. I feel these ideas have come pretty far from the development stages of my characters previously. I have refined each of my designs so that they fit into my character brief as best as they can in my opinion, and i think they are ready to be produced as clay armatures to see how and if they work in clay, which they should do, as i have spent a lot of time to ensure i havent over-complicated my designs to be replicated in clay.

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