Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Brief AND Schedule

I have chosen to design and produce 2D character designs for five characters given in my brief. I will go through the stages of researching, initial ideas, development, producing my final clay models, and producing a short stop motion animation involving one or more of my final characters.

The 5 characters i will be producing are
1Willie Billiams.
2Wee Eck Mcglone
3Wihemina Mcglone
5Pochahontus Billiams

Character Brainstorm - see sketchook


WEEK1-Look over selection of character briefs, work out which to choose, and brainstorm.
WEEK2-Start on character research
WEEK3-Start initial sketching stages to gain influence and ideas
WEEK4-Look to facial expressions and start to work on first stages of own facial designs.
WEEK5-Develop and complete facial designs, in plasticine.
WEEK6-Look to develop body shape, and character persona, produce clay aparatures to take to final clay models.
WEEK7-Experiment and research colour and texture as well as modelling and rigging techniques for use in clay.
WEEK8-Model final clay sculptures.
WEEK9- Look at Stop Motion techniques, and experiment with stop motion.

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